Hades Mining Group are a specialist underground mining support team. We bring extensive mining experience to bare on any issue that faces your operation. This allows you to reduce rework and free up resources at all levels of the operation. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining the highest level of safety and productivity at your mine at all times.

HMG founder Ash Doney has paved his own path within the mining industry over 15 years, and in doing so acquired a unique set of skills which allows him to stand apart from the field. Through a combination of extensive 'hands-on' underground operating time before moving into the technical department to fill various underground mine engineer roles, he has built a rigorous skill set and capabilities to tackle all challenges faced fast and efficiently.

HMG was established to assist with the high industry need due to the 'brain drain' that is still occurring in the mining sector. Although the problem cannot be resolved in the short term, HMG believe strongly that without action the problem will continue to grow.

A lack of supply of competent personnel in all levels of the mining industry over an extended period has continued to grow, resulting in a massive amount of knowledge lost. With the industry requiring 'bums on seats', inexperienced personnel have been promoted and required to fill roles that are beyond them at times. Sadly this has robbed personnel of adequate training and the subsequent operations of an effective workforce.

At HMG we believe whilst training on particular system is essential, this can be resolved effectively in a short period of time with correct support services. The greater issue is understanding and strengthening the link between the technical departments and the underground operations for ongoing success.

We look forward to being able to assist you up-skill employees and fill gaps as they arise.

Problem Solvers

We are here to help however we can. Don't hesitate to get in touch to see how we can assist your operation and personnel become more productive today.