Through applying decades of mining knowledge from internal and external sources we ensure fast reliable results.


Hades Mining Group are a specialist underground  support team providing extensive mining experience on any issue that faces your operation.

Our experience and services allow you to reduce the need for rework, and free up in-house resources at all levels of the operation. HMG goal is to assist you in maintaining the highest level of safety and productivity at you mine at all times.


The mining industry has seen a reduction and ongoing loss of mining experience over the past decade through general attrition, but also through experience being spread too thin. At HMG we believe the best assistance to halt the experience drain is to provide training where required but to also offer high quality onsite support to reduce the blight of rework that consumes your teams time and resources.

HMG provide technical support services across a range of areas specific to underground mining. These include, but are not limited to​​​​

 Hades Mining Consultants​

 - Drill & Blast Support

 - Mine Design Support

 - Mine Planning Support

 Hades Mining Personnel

 - Underground Fitters

 - Underground Drill Fitters

 - Underground Electricians

If you have specific requirements you require assistance with please contact us directly via email or call us.​